Types of wall mounts.

If the salesperson who sold you the television didn’t bring this up, here it is:

Your first choice is to decide whether you want to go brand name or no name.  This choice will be made easy by considering how often you plan on adjusting the television once it’s on the wall.  The key advantage with the brand name products is the way they operate.  There is virtually no noise when tilting or adjusting side to side, where the no name brands will screech and make your ears twitch as you move them.

There are 4 types of mounting options:

  1. Flush.  Flush mounts do nothing; they simply will allow your television to hang on the wall and will give no options to tilt.  People who are picky about the television being closest to the wall will like this option.
  2. Fixed tilt.  This option is similar to the flush mount but the mount gives the option to tilt the face of the screen downwards about 14 degrees and is fixed at that point.  People who plan on mounting the TV high (over 4-5 feet) like over a fireplace would like this option.
  3. Tilt mounting.  These wall mounts give the option to tilt the TV to varying degrees from 0 to 15.  This option is good in any rooms with multiple places for viewing the TV.  For example, in a bedroom, the panel is generally mounted a little higher, but if you decide to place a couch in the room as well, then you would need to change the tilt to get a better viewing.  So this option suits the people who need to change the tilt on a regular basis.
  4. Articulating Mount.  This option gets the TV to be mounted on some type of arm which will generally allow the TV to move side to side, turn side to side, tilt and move away from the wall.  This option is great for living/family rooms which face the kitchen.  Which means the TV can be angled in such a way so someone can view from a completely different angle. 

Articulating mounts is where you would consider going brand name.  The advantage with most brand names is they are much easier to operate and their movements are very quiet.  Another advantage to the brand name products is that they are flusher to the wall.
If you plan on mounting in an awkward place like a corner of a room and need the TV to face the center of the room, and don’t plan on moving it again, then a no-name product will be fine.  No name articulating mounts are generally 50 % cheaper than the brand name products. 

So think long and hard before you decide on which mounting style to go with.


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