What needs to be done to prepare for the installation?
-Disconnecting previous equipment/reconnecting will be taken care of by the installer.
-What you need to do before the installer arrives is to check to make sure that any new equipment is there and ready to be installed.  Make sure you take everything out of the box to make sure they aren’t damaged, plug in items to verify that they, at least, turn on.
-Please make sure kids/pets are kept away from the install location, not because we dislike pets or kids, it’s because there are a lot of sharp tools, heavy things around that they could swallow or hurt themselves with.

Do the prices listed include all the cables?
-The prices that are listed on this website and most others do not include any HD cables. Be advised, especially when you are getting the wires concealed it would be smart of you to have these ready. Or at least don’t be surprised when the installer mentions this to you and offers to sell you some.
-As mentioned in some of the articles in the tutorials section, HD cables such as HDMI or component cables will make a huge difference in picture quality. 

Once mounted, can the height of the TV be adjusted?
-Depending on the mounts you are installing, you will have about 3 or 4 inches higher or lower. But it’s not easy as simply pushing up or down; it requires you to readjust the clamps that hook onto the back wall plate. 

How high should speakers be mounted?
-The speakers are recommended to be mounted at ear level when seated. Again think about how high older bulkier speakers are. Also if you have ever broke apart a speaker box you would know that the tweeter and mid level speakers are always mounted higher.
-Seeing how speakers are something you will not need to have a view of, you can place higher if that’s where you prefer. Smaller speaker mounts usually have the options to angle/tilt so they can be angled to face ear level. 

I have kids; can we mount higher to keep the items away from them?
-I get this all the time.  If that’s what you want to do, then that’s fine.  Keep in mind this is a temporary fix as kids grow up!  Just going by kids I know if, if they want to get at something, they will figure out a way.  So ask yourself if its worth it to mount at an uncomfortable position and still have the kid get at it anyway. 

I want to see just the TV, nothing else! Is this possible?
-This is definitely possible, but requires custom labour.  So what’s required to get this done? Well keep in mind you still need a DVD player, Set-top box, gaming systems and whatever else you want hooked up.  On top of this you’ll need an adjacent room or a closet to hide everything in.   Newer homes can easily use their basements to hide everything, typically a pretty straight forward installation.
-Then you will need to purchase a RF (Radio Frequency) remote, Logitech has a few choices.  This will speak to all your items through walls/cabinets etc.  The upside to this is that you see the TV only and looks great.  The downside is that anytime you want to load a DVD or gaming console with a different game, you will need to make a trip to where ever you have your components stored.

Why does my Rogers box display a funny picture?
-Rogers HD boxes are being upgraded to the new Cisco operating systems.  The advantage is that your basic channels will now display HD channels as opposed to surfing in your 500’s.
-If you are getting a distorted or shrunken picture, or if the aspect ratio is not correcting automatically when you go onto an HD channel, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your set-top Box
  2. Press and hold both the “Guide” and “Info” buttons on the unit.  Not the remote.
  3. Follow the on screen steps.
  4. Make sure you have 1080i and 720p checked off to work, this should fix any problems you have.

If you have bad signal quality, pixilated or lagging picture usually means that the signal quality isn’t strong enough.  If you have your cable line split using cheap splitters or are splitting too much, this would be the cause. 

Will the mount be strong enough?
-Typically we will allow for the clients to literally hang off the bracket attached to the wall before the panel is connected.  The argument is, if you can easily hang off the bracket, a 30-50lb Panel shouldn’t be a problem.  Now this doesn’t mean you should hang off of it on a regular basis!! We guarantee that provided nothing ridiculous (involving crow bars?) is done; the TV will never come down. 

I want to mount the TV in my condo, there are no studs in the wall; could this be done?
-First off, I want to stress that there is, in fact, studs in your wall.  If there were no studs, how is your wall standing? 
-In condos, they use metal studs.  If you tried to find a stud using a stud-finder, unless you have a decent one, it would not find metal studs.  To answer the question, YES, panels can be mounted in condo walls with metal studs.  Proper bolts and screws are required to make sure it is sturdy enough.
-Another possibility of not finding studs is because your wall is an exterior or load bearing wall, which means it is fully concrete.  You can mount TVs to concrete walls without a concern.  If you do want it mounted on a concrete pillar or concrete wall, it’s definitely possible.  The only catch is that it gets very loud to do.  If you do plan on getting this done on a concrete wall, you may want to warn your neighbours so they don’t complain after.  Hiding wires is also typically out of the question in this scenario with concrete walls.

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